Posted by: Louis Moust | March 29, 2010


Well, we have completed our pages, so now the external environment section is also complete. Also, if any of you care to, you can take a look at our PowerPoint:

International Management Group Presentation

Posted by: Louis Moust | March 28, 2010

More new pages!

Can you tell our presentation is approaching? Our SWOT analysis is now complete, as is our company overview.

Posted by: Louis Moust | March 26, 2010

Internal Environment

The blog is starting to get some meat around its bones. The internal environment section has been updated and you can now find the beggining of the SWOT analysis, including a detailed analysis of the firm’s strengths.

Posted by: Louis Moust | March 26, 2010

Presentation soon!

Hello everyone,

It seems that our presentation date is approaching rather rapidly. Indeed, we are presented our project and blog to you next week, on March 31st. As a result, expect to see this updated more and more frequently over the next few days. Namely, we will start taking a look at the envrionmental factors that influence IMG as well as the internal environment of the company.

Truly, it will be fun to share our finding with you. IMG is a company involved in a great many ventures and is unknowingly behind many of our favorite athletes and events.

Posted by: Louis Moust | February 26, 2010


Welcome to our Competitive Intelligence Blog!

We will use this space to introduce IMG, a company that works primarily in the athlete representation industry. Founded over 50 years ago, IMG represents many world renowned athletes such as Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique, figure skater Joannie Rochette and tennis star Roger Federer.

In this blog, we will look at the company’s mission and values as well as analyze its internal and external environment.